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A Directory of Beer Breweries

Welcome to Brewery-List.com

Looking for beer? Look no more! Brewery-List.com is your source for beer breweries across America. No need to search through pages of GoogleTM or Yahoo® listings — we're dedicated to beer breweries! You'll find brewpubs, local breweries, microbreweries, megabreweries and everything in between.

We try our best to keep the list of beer breweries current, but we can't do it alone. Know of a brewery in your town that's not on our list? Has your favorite brewpub opened a new location? Has a local pub shut its doors? Let us know.

Search for beer breweries by state or search by name using the fetures above.

And coming soon ... ratings, comments, Web sites and more.

Thanks for stopping by. Come back often.

- Brewery-List.com